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Matchless - Book #1 of Matchlock

I published the first book of my science fiction series back in May, Matchless of the Matchlock series. Now you can find it at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Scribd, and many other sites.

The series is fairly expansive, with numerous places and names, so I'm making a little booklet sort of thing to get pictures, maps, and little explanations of things for those who want to know that I will put on Scribd in while. The booklet won't be dire for the story itself, so don't worry about needing to read it. And it will be free for all!

But for now, let's have a few big things....

The Matchlock Universe is rather expansive, but Roth broke it down into four basic places; the north, south, Krzynk, and Gezas.

The North and South are the largest of the four, and span over several people groups (each cash city sees itself as an independent identity), so they are hardly unified.

The North people are generally distinguished by having black hair, but because of trading, some have brown hair. Although they are the largest and have both a Capital city and a Gem city, they are the most divided. They are often the "warriors" and most independent types of people. Because of Krzynk, their progress has been slowed.

The South are distinguished by having brown hair and an accent. The southerners also have slight different style names and a middle name. They have some of the most fertile lands, a large population, and most developed society.

Krzynk is the "capital" of the world, so to speak. They are the island in the center of the water and the small islands are associated with it. While they lack land, they have the largest and most trained army and the most ships.

Geza  is the purplish land to the upper right, and although they are smaller and squished between the North and South, they are very resilient and hold their borders successfully. They are the most easily distinguishable physically


Gate, a main character, has black hair a violet eyes, and solemn and quiet attitude, however saracastic at times.

Ellemieh is friendly, although there's not much he's willing to say about himself, with pale blue eyes almost black brown hair and several of weapons.

Rothiel "Roth" Krolmlodi is a young man who was the "Ears" of a the ruling force of a cash city, and is known for taking risks to protect those he cares about. He is reckless, creative, and ambitious.

Spytko "Tko" Melstyn is the proxy of Krzynk, and thus considered the ruler of the world. He is thoughtful and goodhearted, although paranoid.

Ktorr Kocha Muzyk is a southern elder who advices Tko.

Ladislaus Spronsni is the Grinner Marshal who also advices Tko.

And last but not least...

Song is considered "the most powerful man in the world", even if he has no official status.


Proxy is the "king" or "president" of the cities/towns in the Matchlock world.

Grinner is nickname for the individuals like a "special forces" group that has loyalties to technically no one, but are said to serve Krzynk.

Grinner Marshal is the leader of the Grinners and the individual who guides their training and decides how to use them.

Themes or Ideas Behind Matchlock

The story is told from three perspectives, Gate, Roth, and more briefly, Tko.

The story exploded around this idea of "duty", "trust", and "love", as all three have or will experience each of the three at different themes in the series. But, of course, each character also represents one of the themes.

Gate is "duty" (She would have it no other way)

Roth is "trust" (a peculiar one, but it'll make sense eventually)

And Tko is "love" ( comment?)

I didn't want to give an spoilers, so I'll stop here, but know that this is a science fiction story (my first sci-fi getting published, XD) so there's more...imbedded themes dealing with society and behaviorism.

Each character is not only one themes but each demonstrates the opposite of one of the themes, just to make things more fun.


I had a ton of fun writing Matchlock and I'd like to note that the story taught me quite a few things too, so I hope you pick it up when you get the chance!

Barnes and Noble

Thanks and see ya'll later!

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Drum City - Sequel to Fox and the Flute

I was so excited about finishing my first novella, Fox and the Flute, I finished it by mentioning that I might make a sequel.


I did ended up beginning the sequel and shelving it there. I didn't know where to go with it. Then, sometime at the beginning of Fall 2013, I woke up thinking about the adventure in the FF world. It was, and still is, difficult to write blurbs about  FF because the main character, a charismatic contract-writer, doesn't have a name. I thought I was so clever when I first started writing it like that...Ugh.

So here I am, writing about Drum City. Essentially, it beings off a few weeks after the first book, with the same characters, in the North, as they said they would go there. However, things have changed because Miss Nameless Contract Writer completed her need for revenge. So, what does she do now?

That's where we begin. And this plot is faster paced than the first, with changes to how I wrote it. Enough of that! Here's a few picks I've been having fun with!

I've spent the last couple of weeks going over past blogs and I realize I miss a few things in my post about The Fox and the Flute. What I never mentioned in my blogs about FF were the theme and motifs that I worked into it. Most of the themes are shared by both FF and Drum City.

Love and Friendship

The World of FF and Drum City:

The map:

The main countries:
Atraba: Where this story starts. The Atraban people are technically just the southern half of the Crugan people but they broke off in a civil war prior to the beginning of FF. They tend to have brown hair.
Cruga: Is simply the north half of Atraba, but split off because of the civil war. They are very fond of and proud of their blond hair.
Meh'Choran Peoples: 
Deloraam: Are the "forest dwellers" of the island, retaining the richer portions and the majority of the power. They are more ritualistic and fierce of the various people and have always warred with everyone, particularly hating the Belourhin and Maytal.
Belourhin: Have been considered the "meadow" people, and live around the inner ring around the island. They tend to look down on everyone, warring with the Deloraam, and are a more traditional religious nation.
Maytal: The technically live everywhere, but they are considered an offshoot of the Belourhin, and have settled on the edges of the large island. They act as a Doctors With No Borders/ General Missionary system, for the FF world, as they try to breech the differences between the Deloraam and Belourhin (good luck with that) and are their own religion.
The North: The North has really been it's own thing. They are considered a people, but not one with any exact ruler or government. 

Main Character: A spunky contract writer with an affinity for bread!
Munzo:The main character's guardian and friend, and long time friend of the Grandmother.
Lyon: A Deloraam assassin.
Galetea: A kitsune with a grumpy attitude.
Ravensworth: A disowned, knight from Cruga.

Grandmother: A Belourhin contract writer and grandmother of the main character. (pretty straight forward, right?)
Grandfather: A Belourhin contract writer an grandfather of the main character. However, he's missing and possibly dead after hunting Kridian.
Kridian: Originally a friend of the family, the main character's nemesis.
Aelous: One of Kridian's offspring, a well-to-do Crugan-looking man in the North.
The Pale Gemni: The two other offspring of the Kridian. They are a year a part in age but behave like twins.
Huan Guhuam: An old badger living in the North. 
The Moon: The daughter of the old badger. 

And lastly: 
Rapos: The Fox in the Suit; the Fox with the Flute.

Future Books:
I don't think the adventure's done yet, so I think it's fair to expect another book in the mini series!

That's all for now folks!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Little About The Binding Knife


     Alright, so my next book is The Binding Knife (in case the picture above is unclear), and it should be at a novel length. Longer than any of my other books, The Binding Knife (TBK) should also be more developed. Unlike the last story, The Tiger and the Star, it's main character is male and it is more of an adventure story.

Brief Summary
     The premise of the story is that there is a plague spreading rapidly throughout the land. The main character must go on a journey to the southern tip of the peninsula, where the plague began, and find was initially started it. At his side, he has his faithful and intelligent steed Mokni, a man with animal like features and an attitude, a minstrel and her sister -a bounty hunter- both with their own theories on how the plague originated and all with personal reasons to go there. 

The "Binding" Disease


Again, a new world. This one is smaller, and there aren't various importantly distinct races like in The Tiger and the Star. Important people groups/places are the
Kleft: monk-like people. They dress in raven-feather cloaks and where beaked masks.
Grie: fierce, war-mongering people
Paragryne: just had a civil war and is devastated from it
Niedads: where the plague began
A few creatures are:
Kirin: A mythical creature of justice and power. In some legends it would be summoned to courts to judge whether the accused was lying and if he/she was, the kirin would breath fire and burn them to a crisp. In my story it has a similar nature and looks like a scaly, fierce, firery unicorn, if that helps.
Makhor: A real mountain goat that lives in the middle east and are strong and powerful. For story purposes, the specific herd of makhor were given telekinetic abilities by the kirin and are about as large as a horse.

Mokni (the makhor) depicted in a more plateau/desert background (the story is not in a desert or plateau):

So that's all for now. Thanks for your time! TBK should be coming out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

*Note: click on pictures to make them larger

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blurb About The Tiger and the Star

Okay, so for those of who have read any of my other books, or at least heard of them, may come to the realization that I really enjoy animal symbolism (i.e. Fox and the Flute, Time Before the Wolf, and now The Tiger and the Star). All my books are stand-alone, so you don't have to read them in a specific order, and they are all in separate worlds.

For a short time my previous books, Time Before the Wolf, Fox and the Flute, and Three Turns Champion are free, so check them out while you can! (The link will lead you to me BOOKS page where you can choose from a few retailers)

I also realize I've been advertizing this book under the name reBORN SKIES, but it's new name is The Tiger and the Star. It's $2.99, so please check it out!

Back to The Tiger and the Star: 

Quick Summary:

This book is written in second person and follows two different characters, Nokomis and Desdemona.
Nokomis is a spy for another country (Laodicea) and she's forced to work with a criminal to clear her record and try to save the Agrycian Empire.
Desdemona on the other hand is the Princess of the Empire who is kidnapped by people plotting against it and although she's only a child, she is forced to make decision to either save her country and the children with her or escape on her own.

A Little About the Settings and Countries

I'll be the first to admit I'm addicted to creating histories and worlds. What can I say? It's just so fun...
However, my sister is always sure to remind me that she's a little less facisinated in history and is quick to skip over descriptions of the countries. Because of that, she becomes confused, so this section is for her and those like her : 
The Agrycian Empire (the country the story centers around): is a powerful country whose seven-hundred-some years of history is full of imperialism and war. They are all dark skinned with gold eyes and have a tendency to be very, very prideful. Also, the Empire were from a separate continent and took over this continent some seven hundred years ago, at their beginning.
Laodicea: was one of two prominent countries before the Empire came and took most of their lands. Laodiceans have lighter, reddish skin, red eyes, and red hair. They tend to think they are superior to other countries since they have always kept true to their religious ancestries and understand how to compete with magic.
Idrazi: were once a very prominent country that was in a feud with Laodicea because of conflicting religious beliefs. The Idrazi now are a cult-like group that try to take over any powerful country they come in contact with. Historically speaking, the Laodiceans believe that the Idrazi have won several battles but ended up burning themselves out. 
Jia-race: are the pale skinned, violet eyes, dark-haired, and mysterious country that looms on the Empire's borders, constantly threatening to start a war. The Jia (they normally don't add "race" when they refer to themselves) are honor bound and prone to challenging other people to death matches. It's mentioned that they have gone through several kings in a short amount of time, which is likely due to their mentality that only the strongest should rule. 

Now if you skipped over that part that's fine since it's the bare backbone of the story and not horribly relevant. More importantly are the City-States, cities, and places mentioned in the story. 

Wudston: is a city in the center of the Wudston City-State, and is constructed on a pillar that formed in the middle of the crater. It is split into two parts: Upper and Lower City. The Upper City is based on top of Lower City and tends to be cleaner and New. Lower City is crime-ridden and is the founded directly on the pillar. 
Ground Level: is a city inside the crater that is very poor, in ruins, and simply crime-infested. You would only live there if you were truly desperate. 
Colbern: is the city on the edge of cliff overlooking the crater. It is pleasant and not really doing much...
Dussan: is the City-State Mayfield Swift comes from and is on the border near Laodicea.
The Temples: is a term for the capital city in Laodica. 
The Pits: is actually just one large pit around the base of the pillar holding Wudston.


Nokomis: is a halvidar (Agrycian cop) that works as Train Security, traveling between Colbern and Wudston. (her name means Child of the Moon and Grandmother)
Tatarra: was Nokomis twin sister who died seven years preceding the story. (comes from a Korean name as one of the protectors of the Tiger)
Desdemona: is the youngest daughter of the current Emperor and she is very optimistic. (her name comes from a Shakespeare play and it means ill-fated and innocent)

Tectos: was once the head of the Vanguards (secret police for the Overseer), but is currently exiled and a criminal convicted of several crimes. He serves as the stoic, hardened soldier. (His name comes from the Greek word Tecto which means "rooflike")
The Overseer: is the mysterious adviser of the Emperor and is the one who has all the power in the Empire, although no one aside of a select few know who he really is.
Gills: is the young riffraff who taught himself Laodicean magic (although Ladocieans prefer to call it anti-magic), but is known to be off-putting and rude. 
Mayfield Swift: is the young but powerful City-State Representative of Dussan, who's known to be forward thinking and loyal to the Emperor but not the Overseer. (the word mayfield refers to a battlefield, so he is "quick to battle")
Calantha: is a seer with connections to Tectos. (Calantha means beautiful flower)
The Madame: is the cafe-keeper who also has connections to both Tectos and the royal family.
Toroki: is the young Laodicean girl kidnapped with Desdemona. (is another servant of the Tiger Constellation in Korean myths)
Monster Boy: is a young boy kidnapped long before Desdemona and is Agrycian.

Less important people:
Vanguards: are the secret police who serve the Overseer and the Emperor
-Rapids: is the knife-wielding Vanguard who appears several times throughout the story.
- Whiplash (Priciline): is a whip-weilding Vanguard Nokomis faces.
-Headshot: is a rifle-wielding Vanguard seen at the beginning of the book.
Thousin: is a sergeant on train security for Mayfield Swift. Or is he? (His name stems from the Greek word for sacrifice)
Sloane: is a sergeant on train security for Mayfield Swift.Or is he? (His name refers to battle)
Bloody Tigers (and the Leader): are a group of boys who formed a gang in Ground Level in a short time and are known for be brutal and animal like.

Themes and Motifs: 

I've come to realize that I should leave it to you -the readers- to find and interpret the themes and motifs of my stories, so I'll just give a few. 

-Tigers: are powerful, loners, and tend to be playful. There is a myth that tigers do not attack people if they are being stared at (or see a face). Tigers are also one of the few cats that can roar.
-Stars: are distant and bright. Religiously speaking, stars often refer to angels, demons, celestial officials, and dieties.
-Fire: is wild and uncontrollable. It is also considered man's first invention.
-Prophecy: is a trick thing to understand properly and tends to be used as a warning or a promise of good things.
-Game of Marbles: is a childlike game that involves the simplest items to play it.

Here's a picture of Nokomis and Desdemona!

Thanks for reading this blurb about my new book! I will be posting a few more things about it, so keep checking! If you want the easy route, friend me on facebook or follow me on twitter to get quick updates!

I'm very excited to have it published finally. This is my longest book, and it is closer to a novel than a short story, so be prepared! Thanks again and have a spectacular day!

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Sneak Peek for New book: reBorn sKies (renamed The Tiger and the Star)

The Vanguard Tectos

More of the Vanguard Tectos

 The main character, Nokomis
A seer named Calatha